LSD in Medicine

Another book takes a different approach to LSD, studying it like the scientific wonder that it seems to be. Dr. Stanislav Grof studied the substance for some thirty years, starting in 1960 at the Psychiatric Research Institute in Prague. His book, LSD Psychotherapy draws on decades of scientific research worldwide into the effects of the drug on the human mind. He cites carefully controlled studies, which challenge traditional notions of human perception and consciousness, and even of the nature of our consensus reality itself.

In his accounts of many diverse and widespread experiences and studies of the past decades, Dr. Grof attempts to account for unusual mental states including near-death experiences and shamanic trances, for example. In later books, Dr. Grof goes on to expand his understanding of means of accessing such altered states of consciousness as he explores what he calls Holotropic Breathwork techniques, which involve using patterns of breath to induce mentally expansive states.

The Spirit Vine

While the fascination with the potential of LSD as a spiritual or therapeutic substance has largely passed in the US, many people continue to seek altered states through various means. Recently attention has focused on an ancient Amazonian substance known as ayahuasca, called the “Spirit Vine” by the indigenous people who have used it as a part of the spiritual practices. Many people have made trips to the Amazon jungle to participate in experiences led by native shamans.

All who have experienced ayahuasca speak with great respect for the powerful visions and altered states that it inspires in those who drink it. According to the indigenous peoples who have had centuries or millennia of experience with the natural brew, the worlds that are perceived by those who use the substance are literal realms, — other dimensions or realities apart from our own.

Western Analysis

A scientist who approaches the subject with a more Western, rationalist viewpoint is Benny Shanon, an Israeli cognitive psychologist. In his book The Antipodes of the Mind: Charting the Phenomenology of the Ayahuasca Experience he studies the various known impacts on the mind of drinking the substance, ranging from psychological insights to hallucinatory effects that impact all senses to increased intellectual activity. Shanon discusses, as an example, the intense visual effects of an ayahuasca experience. He compares the visions to intense cinematic experiences that exceed the ordinary imagination.

While acknowledging the aboriginal belief in the literal nature of these perceived realms on a different dimension or plane of reality, Shanon prefers to account for them as extensions of the mind of the experiencer. As an example, he recounts an experience in which he seemed to tour an art exhibit from another culture. The art was absolutely unknown to him, not like anything he had seen in an art gallery or display. While it was all wildly unfamiliar in style and nature, it all still conformed to a coherent style within itself. The author was left with the question that remained with him and formed part of the core of his book: if all that he saw was (as he believes) within his mind, a creation of his consciousness, then his mind was far more powerful and creative than he had ever previously imagined.

It is with a spirit of both scientific inquiry and wonders at the nature of the ayahuasca experience that underlies the book. Shanon recounts other experiences that indicate what, for him, is the most unusual feature of the drug: its ability to spur new creative heights beyond what the individual was consciously aware of being capable of before the experience. Here again, the intrigue of the subject comes through vividly in the author’s words, regardless of whether the reader ever has or ever will experience the substance described.

The special reverence that the native shaman who administers the drug is a powerful statement of the potential importance of this exotic substance to the malaise of modern humanity. Perhaps humans will soon be ready to appreciate the value and wisdom available through expanded states of mind as many cultures have done in the past. The modern attitude of fear and legal repression surrounding mind-altering substances developed during the excesses and outbursts of the tumultuous 1960s, but modern humans are beginning perhaps to realize that the drugs themselves are not the problem.

Drugs and the Law

If you intend to go beyond reading about the fascinating social histories of drugs like LSD and ayahuasca, be warned that you could face serving penalties for possession or use of such substances. Even if you do not find yourself in legal trouble for having or using the drugs, you may face a drug test at some point. Court cases dealing with custody of children, some severe automobile accidents, and some workplaces can surprise you with a need to take a drug test.

Hair tests are less common but are used in some cases. Approximately one and a half inches of hair is needed for the test, which scans the hairs for drug residue within the hair. Some people think that shaving their head will avoid the test, but anybody hair will serve for the test, from arms, chest or anywhere the 1 1/2″ length of hair can be found on the body.

Hair tests have been controversial, as they have not proven totally effective at detecting various types of substances. You will have to use top hair detox shampoo to pass a hair follicle test. Cocaine is apparently easier to detect in hair samples than cannabis, for example. The type of hair makes a difference as well, raising racial profiling concerns, as thicker, darker, heavier hair is more likely to give a result than thinner, lighter colored hair. Even the effects of different shampoos have been tested and shown to alter the results of hair sample drug tests potentially.

Know Your Rights

Whether you’ve used drugs recently, in your past, or never, it pays to know your rights when it comes time to know how to pass a drug test. Groups like NORML and the ACLU provide basic information on the Internet and in publications that are available about your rights when it comes to drug testing.


Ways To Pass

Taking Zinc sulfate 

There are several hypotheses in place to explain how this happens. One such hypothesis, is that is that zinc binds THC, a proposal refuted by many as Zinc is of low molecular weight compared to THC.

Switching to abstinence mode 

It is very difficult to dodge the hair drug test. This is because the hair retains the drug metabolite as long as it is not shed off. The hair near the skin has been shown to contain the most concentration of the drug metabolite. So the question is, how can you pass hair drug test? It is not easy you dodge it. It’s very sensitive and effective. 

Some have proposed abstinence from the drug, i.e. stop smoking as the only sure way to test negative in hair drug test. But this still has a lot of limitations. Like, for how long will you stop smoking? How effective is it? Because so long as the hair is there, chances are you might test positive of the drug. 

Taking Diuretics 

Diuretics cause frequent urination. Coffee and cranberry juices have been shown to have diuretics properties. Frequent urination will lead to faster elimination of the drug and its metabolite. The drug levels will be decreasing with each urination. 

During this time, you want to avoid salts as they may lead to reabsorption of water in the kidney tubules. It is also interesting to note that herbalist recommend their herbal drugs to help you pass urine test. The herbals too cause frequent urination thus eliminating the drug. 

You may also use Midol. It is a diuretic. The drug metabolites will also be in the final urine. 

However, this is only important to drugs eliminated through the kidney. This is also subject to other prevailing conditions like healthy kidney and salt intake. 

Exercise every day before the test 

The THC of Marijuana is stored under body fats. Possibly this could be the reason it takes long to be fully eliminated from the body. Studies have shown that exercise increase metabolism of THC thereby releasing its metabolites from the body for elimination. 

Exercise burns your body fat releasing the THC metabolites into the blood. This increases the metabolism of the THC. Due to an active state, the metabolism rate is also high. Exercising between drug tests will clear the THC and other drug metabolites at a faster rate, thus reducing the detection time. 

However, don’t be tempted to burn you fats on the test day. That way, you will sponsor your own death. Tests are best on the level of metabolites in urine and blood. You understand that burning your fat releases THC to the blood. Exercise also increases THC metabolites in your urine, then your chances of being positive for the drug is high. 

If you are planning to for a urine drug test in a month’s time, then definitely you need to try this. 

During exercises, your body may develop a tendency to sweat. Sweating is a natural way of detoxifying your body, thus releasing the toxins and metabolites of the drugs through the skin. The skin pores are the pots of exit. 

Sweating may also make the kidney to increase its elimination of the drug. Studies have shown that during exercises, the kidney filters more, thus eliminating more drug metabolites. 

One thing that we haven’t mention before is the importance of a high quality product. If you get the wrong ingredients or don’t address specific gravity, it may hurt you. We want most people to consider buying Upass synthetic urine from reliable sources. U Pass can help you with detoxification as well.

Take Vitamins 

Taking vitamins possibly would water down the urine and clear its natural color thereby raising suspicion. Some agencies bother to test for the specific gravity and creatinine levels that are always below normal when a lot of water and diuretics are used. 

Vitamin B2 and Vitamin B12 has been shown to bring the yellow color of urine back. The color of the urine might not be that important, as it’s normal to have clear urine. You may consider taking the vitamins hours before your test. You can take between 50-100 milligrams. Some have also said that Vitamin C too is important. Basically, it’s a trial and error. One method may work for you, yet fails to work for another. 


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